VOMIT, Deathlike Vomit, CASSETTE

The Death/thrash horde known as Vomit has returned with this killer cassette. These guys are well known by now and if you follow them, this will get you your fill of the band for now. 6 tracks with a Terminal Death cover that runs a little over 20 min.

And from the start Final Judgement is a pounding feast this has the drive and all the good hooks that are expected When the lead comes in, just listen to the drums take a bashing. An excellent opener to this and prepares you for Carrion, which to me has that old school feel the band is known for. This has a great vibe to it fully packed to the hilt with all the goods, the vocals stand out as well.

A different approach on The Unsane, but still is bruising as it gets stronger. The lead that pops up first is insane and what follows is just as good, a bit shorter than the previous but still has a powerful punch! Realm of the Goat starts out slow but then burst into a fury of madness with an intense vibe that will have your blood boiling. This shit rips I tell you, the band is going off here, death thrash at its best!

So onto Judge Death (Terminal Death cover) and this is better than the original to be honest as the band puts its own brand on the track, of the covers they done before to me this is the best one. The closer Resurrected, this shreds as well no letting down- with gut ripping leads and a backbone of brain splitting aggression this brought this release to a mighty end.

An all out bashing of the mind is what you get here, the band sounds as good as ever and I highly recommend getting this to add to your collection of the band.


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