VOIGT 465 Slights Still Unspoken

Tracks A1 and B1 originally appeared on [r=2351738].

Includes insert with pictures and liner notes from Phil Turnbull.

Comes with digital download coupon including the whole album plus five bonus tracks:
“And The Following Page”
“So Long As One Knows”
“Remake / Remodel (Live)”
“Connection (Live)”
“It’s A Rainy Day (Live)”
A1 State
A2 Voices A Drama
A3 A Welcome Mystery
A4 Red Lock On Sea Steal
A5 Imprint
A6 Many Risk
B1 A Secret West
B2 Is New Is
B3 4 Hours
B4 P
B5 F1
B6 Winchsoul


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Australian post punk industrial classic reissue