VIOLENT CHANGE, Violent Change, LP

San Francisco’s Violent Change write heart on sleeve power pop tunes and submerge them in feedback, effects, and tape hiss so that the lyrics (which are often break up themed) are barely intelligible. Nevertheless, the feelings of loneliness and heartache are clearly audible, and the upbeat tempos and catchy melodies make the songs seem more cheerful than they actually are. They were formed in the early 2010s by songwriter Matt Bleyle, a member of several Bay Area garage punk bands, including Abi Yoyos and Sopors. Joined by Rohit Rae, Sterling MacKinnon and punk/hardcore scene regular Tony Molina, the group made its debut in 2012 with the Suck On The Gun Ep.

A1 Put On Your Primer
A2 Wasted Poets Overflowed
A3 Word Around Town

Vocals – Tony Molina
A4 Hate Is Not An Enemy
A5 Sleeping Führer / Detention Camp

Accordion – Sterling Mackinnon
A6 Bitch For The Blind

A7 Astral Turf
A8 Save My Story
B1 No One Left To Blame

Vocals – Tony Molina
B2 Don’t Ask Why
B3 I Don’t Know Why
B4 Brown And Co.
B5 Straight To My Head
B6 White Christmas
B7 Christmas At Tony’s
B8 Walmart Parking Lot


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