WIZZZ! VOL 3 Pyschorama Francias, Various, LP

One, two, three… hold your breath during the next forty minutes for a peregrination through a special kind of pop music “made in France,” a mix of ribaldry, flashes of brilliance and adventurous twists on familiar sounds. We will plunge into French-style pop, unapologetic and defiant; Blue-White-and-Red pop that does not take itself seriously, not particularly displeasing its “yéyé” contemporaries, themselves lacking inspiration as they listened to the boring, commercial teenage music that predominated in France at that time. It is pop music fueled by creativity – though not always well focused – with peculiar arrangements, inspired compositions and precarious production… but oh, it’s so tasty! WIZZZ 3 spotlights French artists who dared to try, to experiment…


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