ELEPHANT STOMP: 12 Instrumental Freaky Stomper Rock Gems From 70s, Various, LP

The Cosmic Discotheque team temporarily gives up with the pure ’70s disco mark of the previous releases and, while remaining in the same decade, the spotlight will move on the rock scene. Those who have followed the series, know that the Cosmic-compilations are based on great selections of European singles (often B-sides) and lots of bizarre productions, mostly unknown and sometimes rare; and so, it will be for Elephant Stomp too! Killer drum breaks, tribal freak rock, stomper junkshop glam, instrumental psych rock, proto-disco… those are the explosive ingredients of this unique compilation. So, no long and useless solos or empty virtuosity here, just lots of groove and rousing tracks, in other words the best food for you party animals and digging maniacs. Features Galahad, The Damned, Electric Team, The Rockets, Blitz, T.N.T., K W Winston, Angelo And The Eighteen, Electric Cokernut, The Rocketters, The Sloopers, and The Cats ‘N’ Jammer Kids.


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