UT, Griller, LP + 7 INCH

Latest in the UT reissue series, RSD version of the new one comes with exclusive 7″ . Originally recorded/ released in 1989. Steve Albini recorded this album, and captured UT at the peak of their creative powers. Long out of print, the album has been remastered for this release. and the RSD pressing comes with a bonus 2 track 7″, featuring Fuel / Griller X . “For Ut’s last record, Steve Albini was a smart choice for engineer, both being an Ut fan and having a way with dissonant, anti-rock kinds of groups. The guitars are beefier on Griller, and again, the songs sound more polished and rehearsed, but none of this detracts from the gleeful mania contained within these grooves. Not the first Ut purchase you should make but if you’re already humming along to these skewed tunes, you owe it to yourself to seek this long-lost record out.” 80% all Music


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