Multi-Image version of the CD. The cover art and other images in the liner notes can be set behind the lenticular “lens” to create an effect of sequential animation.Recorded at Ocean Way, Hollywood, California & The Hook, North Hollywood, California. Mixed at Larrabee, North Hollywood, California. Mastered at Gateway Studios, Portland, Maine.Published by Toolshed Music/EMI Virgin Music (ASCAP).On back cover:? & © 1996 Volcano Entertainment, L.L.C.Printed in the U.S.A.On disc:? & © 1996 Volcano Entertainment II, L.L.C.Cat# on spine: 61422-31087-2Cat# on sticker: 61422-31087-2R1 Stinkfist 5:112 Eulogy 8:293 H. 6:034 Useful Idiot 0:395 Forty Six & 2 6:036 Message To Harry Manback 1:537 Hooker With A Penis 4:348 Intermission 0:569 Jimmy 5:2410 Die Eier Von Satan 2:1711 Pushit 9:5612 Cesaro Summability 1:2613 Ænema 6:4014 (-) Ions 4:0015 Third Eye 13:47


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Lenticular sleeve