TONY JAY, Hey There Flower, LP

Hey There Flower, the most recent release from the prolific and mysterious Tony Jay delivers real melodies — both lacey with vocal harmonies and dusty with layered guitars — as fans have come to expect. This release also carries forward and elaborates on Tony Jay’s tradition of songs that express a kind of naked honesty about things we all know — love and loneliness and all that — while communicating at the same time a wry edge of skepticism, so that the songs are like coins spinning on edge before landing heads, tails, or lost under the couch. Tony Jay brings us into a nostalgia where we recognize moods from music of the past — Marc Boland definitely comes to mind, as well as Velvet Underground of the Nico era, and Tony Jay even covers Francoise Hardy on this collection — but the songs create a three dimensional space with what feels like a thousand layers so that instead of being thrown back in time, it’s like stepping into a little world with its own laws of nature, of which the listener gets just a few hints.


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