2019 Chicago’s favorite underground diy punks, the much hyped: The Pornography Glows aka The Porno Glows drop their excellent debut vinyl via Alona’s Dream Records new imprint Violent Pest Records. Crucial contemporary punk, the vital soundtrack to the decline of the American dream. BANDCAMP DAILY says: ‘Chicago’s The Pornography Glows are back at long last, with two new tracks that show the trio to be as bratty as ever. Featuring straightforward, driving drums, strong, new-wavey basslines and jangly, post-punk riffs, this recording is a bit cleaner, with denser compositions than those captured on the band’s 2016 demo. Vocalist Kevin Taylor’s ability to veer between vocal styles helps distinguish the Porno Glows from their minimal contemporaries like Gen Pop or Marbled Eye. On ‘Pleasures,’ Taylor turns on a dime from deadpan spoken word to a snarling taunt: ‘Why don’t you say things more? I don’t know,’ he shouts, tacitly expressing the difficulty of communicating one’s desires.’ FEEL IT RECORDS says: ‘RECOMMENDED! Vinyl debut for this Chicago three piece after a much-hyped demo from a coupla years back. The Pornography Glows play a stripped down and trebly brand of punk/DIY rock. One of the only recent bands to legitimately remind me of Big Lizard In My Backyard era Dead Milkmen, mixed with a bit of that jerky Urinals/100 Flowers swing, and the snotty nihilism of the Feederz. Seven tracks on this EP, all rocking and clocking in under the two minute mark. Porno Glows are about as arty as they are straightforward, which is a great combination in my books… a band that isn’t attempting to play beyond their abilities but also has something cool to add to the conversation.’


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