THE DWARVES, Free Cocaine 1986-88, LP

A1 Free Cocaine
A2 Dead Brides In White
A3 Let’s Get Pregnant
A4 Fukking Life
A5 Eat You To Survive
A6 She’s Dead
A7 I’m In A Head
A8 Nobody Likes Me
A9 Hurricane Fighter Plane
A10 Lesbian Nun
A11 I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend
A12 Sit On My Face
A13 That’s Rock N’ Roll
A14 I’m A Man
A15 Strange Movies
A16 Eat You To Survive
A17 It’s Your Party (Die If You Want To)
A18 Fukking Life
A19 Free Cocaine
A20 Dead Brides In White
A21 Let’s Get Pregnant
A22 I’m In A Head
A23 Untitled
A24 Motherfucker
B1 She’s Dead
B2 Fukkhead
B3 Fuck So Good
B4 Real Creepy
B5 Hate Street
B6 Crawl
B7 I’m Not Talking
B8 Zap Gun
B9 Don’t Feel Alright
B10 The Creep
B11 Andy’s Poem
B12 Fukking Life
B13 Sit On My Face
B14 I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend (Alternate Version)
B15 Fukkhead



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