Attracted by a mysterious force that prompts him to leave his studio den, the Waxidermist embarks on a mystical quest, a hip-hop adventure on the screen of which funk and soul collide, sampling and live. Against the backdrop of an Asian fresco, the Waxidermist traces a musical journey that draws in its wake longtime friends and new crusaders along the way. United and united, becoming one to stay the course until the final revelation … Tribe is the new chapter in Waxidermist story: his journey cross the world and will be tell by all members of his tribe. From US with MCs RacecaR or DistantStarr, through France with female singer Elodie Rama, to the Netherlands with wicked MC Starrlight, Africa with famous Afro-soul singer Bibi Tanga, and also Japan with MC Ta-Ti. After many adventures with famous musician (Erik TruffasGutVersusUHT°The HerbaliserAnna Kova?), The Waxidermist strikes back with a brand-new hip-hop adventure, such an imaginary soundtrack, and invites people to meet his Tribe?


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