it’s the early 90s, you’re on creation records – you’ve got a justifiable reputation for clever lyrics, witticisms, one-liners, melancholy, irony, conceptualisation and such – plus a penchant to write pop songs.

the jazz butcher is in the process of whittling down to one, but pat fish here continues to consistently makes music that stops people in their tracks providing poignant social commentary for a bedraggled nation. ‘condition blue’ (1991) sees the jazz butcher now solo but with a band playing “smart pop songs with cleverly twisted lyrics, ringing guitars, and sad sax solos; a poppy kind of music that’s slightly nostalgic and still hip,” quipped option magazine. pat is still “punning, clever displays of hurt and revulsion.” (©select) // “fish devours pop culture, pop music, and the human condition with a ferocity and zest that is relentless and sometimes ruthless.” popmatters // remastered & reissued for the first time on vinyl, for record store day 2020.


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