We live in a time when many bands are trying to mix different elements to bring something new out of the dark: to have a unique form of music, to make something without resemblance with others. It’s because those who make a difference have a better chance to have commercial success. Or rather it’s a personal form of saying ‘fuck off’ to the models and to follow your own ideas without any compromise. The Dutch quartet TEETHGRINDER seem to be in the second, as stated by “Dystopia”.

Fuzzy, dirty and distorted, their music presents a mix of elements that goes from bits of Industrial Metal to Grindcore embodiment, of Doom Metal slow tempos to Black Metal shrieks, with a nasty and abrasive influence of Groove Metal. It’s not as easy to label their musical work, but you can say that they’re appeal reminds of LÁSTIMA from Brazil. But its different and good, and needs some time to be completely assimilated by the fans. Give your brain a chance and try to decipher what is being offered by the quartet on this chaotic, dystopic and massive work. It’s really a very good experience. Even having a wide range, from fuzzy and distorted to sound noisy and experimental, the production is clear and perfect. But be prepared, because it’s heavy, brutal and really massive.

As mentioned above, things can shift from one minute to other, so be prepared. But to have a first time on the quartet’s work, one must take a careful listening on “Ascendance” (it works as a maelstromic into due its abrasive slow rhythm combined with Industrial vocals), “Birthed into Suffering” (a combination of a Grindcore set of fast tempos with nasty screamed shrieks, and what very good guitar riffs and arrangements), “Blood Ritual” (another moment when Grindcore and Black Metal are mixed, with a strong rhythmic sustain given by bass guitar and drums), “Disgrace” (full of extreme hooks, it shows a blend of Hardcore/Punk influences with Black Metal hooks), “God Complex” (a chaotic Grindcore rhythm flows in the song, but be prepared to pay attention to some very good guitars and the Noisecore-like ending), “Cloaked” (a long and abrasive song, with slow paced tempos as old BLACK SABBATH would play Noisecore, with very good screamed vocals), and to the contrasts that fill “Dystopia”.

Once more: TEETHGRINDER’s work isn’t so hard to understand, but it demands attention. So give a chance to your ears and listen to “Dystopia”, and be prepared to love it.


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