Housed in an embossed tri-fold jacket. Includes stickered download code and poster. On sticker on shrink wrap:? & © 2016 Young God Records under exclusive license to Mute Artist Limited. MCPS. Printed in the EU.On inner jacket:All songs published by Young God Publishing (ascap), administered by Mute Song outside North America. This album ? and © 2016 Young God Records.On inner jacket:Swans recorded by John Congleton […] at Sonic Ranch (Tornillo, Texas) and at Elmwood Studios (Dallas, Texas). Additional recording by Don Gunn at Studio Litho (Seattle, WA), Ingo Krauss at CandyBomber (Berlin), Doug Henderson at Micro-Moose (Berlin), Jen Turner at her apartment (Brooklyn, NY), Martin Bisi (B.C. Studios, Brooklyn). Second Engineer and Fantastic Logistics at Sonic Ranch: Charles Godfrey. […] Mixed by Ingo Krauss at CandyBomber and Doug Henderson at Micro-Moose. Mastered at Micro-Moose. […] Amplifiers by Orange Amplifiers and Gallien Kruger. Strings by D’Addario. […] Publicity by Howard Wuelfing at Howlin’ Wuelf Media and Zoe Miller at Mute. Swans music is licensed and released outside North America by Mute.Tracktitles and durations as printed. Duration of track A2 includes track B and duration of track E2 includes track F1.In comparison to the digital copy the ending of track F2 is abruptly cut.Pressing plant uncredited, derived from runout etchings.A1 Cloud Of Forgetting 12:43A2 Cloud Of Unknowing 25:12B Cloud Of Unknowing (Continued) C1 The World Looks Red / The World Looks Black 14:32C2 People Like Us 5:24D Frankie M 20:54E1 When Will I Return? 5:24E2 The Glowing Man 28:53F1 The Glowing Man (Continued) F2 Finally, Peace 6:18


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