SUNN O))), Lifemetal, 2LP

Sunn 0))) is the kind of thing you either love or you don’t. . . .as a fan of ambient music as well as metal and distorted guitars, it’s right up my alley. But they really got to me with Monoliths and Dimensions, their amazing double LP of 2009, which veered into avant garde classical, prog, or even free jazz-adjacent territory.  Life Metal feels like the true successor to Monoliths and Dimensions, and is a beautifully recorded (all analog, by Steve Albini) ambient drone/feedback masterpiece with great contributions by composer Hildur Guonadottir on electric cello and vocals. If 60 minutes of distorted guitar, bass, cello, and Moog drone doesn’t sound like your thing, it probably isn’t. But if it does, this is a great place to start with Sunn O))) as this is one of their brightest, most life-affirming releases. Continue on to Monoliths and Dimensions next if you enjoy this one.


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