Playful yet focused, but broader in scope and experimentation than previous efforts, the ten songs that comprise Levity continue the band’s exploration of the pop song as both foil for experimentation and conduit for personal reflection. Whereas the group’s debut LP Whoosh! demonstrated their ability to craft clean, concise jangle pop, Levity takes a different route by utilizing a darker pallet of sounds to create its impressionistic whole. Fuzz and distortion are employed to add weight to songs built on tape loops and Motorik drum patterns. Warbling synthesisers and modulated keys add new moods and dimensions to The Stroppies unique brand of pop classicism.. The songs still hit with the immediacy that made their debut so engaging, but there’s a creeping cynicism and wistfulness that now permeates The Stroppies sound. 1. The Perfect Crime (04:40) 2. Smilers Strange Politely (02:49) 3. Material Condition (05:24) 4. Butchering the Punchline (02:07) 5. Up to My Elbows (03:28) 6. I’m In The Water (03:51) 7. Tricks On Everything (02:33) 8. Caveats (03:06) 9. Figure Eights (02:57) 10. The Bell (02:08)


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