Steel Pole Bath Tub was one of the more creative, underappreciated bands of their time. Indeed, they may have been casualties of their own uniqueness–their sound didn’t really fit into any of the generally-accepted categories of mainstream music, and no one really knew how to market or promote them.

Lurch/Butterfly Love combines this band’s first EP (Lurch) and first LP (Butterfly Love). There is a strong diversity of material here. The first five tracks have a tense, dreary, claustrophobic feel to them, both musically and lyrically. It’s great stuff to listen to if you’re in a really crappy mood. The remaining tracks are a little more varied; ranging from punkish (Time to Die, I Am Sam I Am), to sludge (Heaven on Dirt), to pop (Through the Windshield of Love), to just outright weirdness (Hey Bo Diddley).


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