SPITBOY Body of Work 1990 – 1995 All the Songs

A1 Seriously
A2 Dysfunction
A3 Motivated By Fear
A4 Interdependency
A5 Ultimate Violations
A6 The Threat
A7 Sexism Impressed
B1 In Your Face
B2 Violent Tongue
B3 True Self Revealed
B4 World Problem
B5 Touch
B6 Right
B7 In Tradition
C1 Isolation Burns
C2 Removal
C3 Moral Casualty
C4 Fences
C5 Blue
C6 You and Me and the Art of Being a Woman
D1 What Are Little Girls Made Of?
D2 Emaciation
D3 Unknown
D4 Wizened
D5 Six Feet Down
D6 All Grown Up


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