Something Weird Greatest Hits!

Rock-O-Rama A Go-Go!
A1 The Hell Raisers 2:48
A2 Mamma A Go-Go 1:17
A3 The Bird Is The Word 2:27
A4 Hot Blooded Woman 2:35
A5 Don’t Make Me Mad 2:27
A6 The Wild Scene 2:23
A7 Put The Clock Back On The Wall 2:35
A8 Is It On – Is It Off 2:57
A9 The Right Kind 2:32
Psychedelic Hippie Freak Out!
B1 Beware Of The 4-D Witch 2:51
B2 The Action Scene 1:07
B3 A Sweet Sickness 2:27
B4 It’s A Revolution Mother 2:48
B5 Soorangi 2:01
B6 Bummer 2:30
B7 Musical Mutiny Trailer 1:32
B8 Different Now 3:26
Sleazy Swinging Sounds From The Sick Sick Sixties!
C1 Swinging City (Mood Three) 2:36
C2 Johnny’s Dive 1:54
C3 Strip Blues 3:08
C4 Jane Bond Theme 3:10
C5 Mood One 2:21
C6 A Taste Of Flesh Opening Credit Theme 2:31
C7 Hot Blooded Woman Incidental Music 2:37
C8 My Brother’s Wife Opening Credit Theme 2:24
C9 Easy Macumba 2:18
C10 Hot Thrills Warm Chills Opening Credit Theme 1:53
Deliriously Demented Ditties!
D1 Shanty Tramp 2:09
D2 Yipes Stripes 1:44
D3 Speed Lovers 1:59
D4 (Be A) Black Belt 2:50
D5 At The Blue Bunny 2:20
D6 I Want A Woman 2:23
D7 Love Cool 2:40
D8 Love Goddess 2:23
D9 The Female Of The Species 2:21


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