SMOOTA, Fetishes, LP

Looking at the cover of Smoota’s newest LP, Fetishes, you automatically know that this is going to be a provocative album. The lead singer, who has been the trombonist for TV on the Radio, sings so lustful in each track that you are automatically calmed and almost snared into a sensual trance. The fleshy tracks of Fetishes are euphonic to the ear both artistically and lyrically. Not only does he sing so melodious but behind the 8-Bit sounds and keytar riffs, you get a sense that the tempo and melody are flirtatiously calling your name (and yes, he plays the keytar superbly). One cannot listen to the track “Pink Bra Playing Guitar” without blushing and sweating around the neck. This track also has one the best trombone solos around; which along with the singer, pulls you close to Smoota’s chest and seductively whisper into your ears.


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