Stag-O-Lee presents the first volume in their series collecting slow-grind, swing, and sleaze tracks — the soundtrack to a smoky late-night bar in Chicago, or a hot Sunday afternoon down at the Popcorn. If you feel the cold sweat of soul, and the cool chills of haunted crooners singing out their final swan song, or the sinful shakes of R&B in its twilight years, then you have a bad case of Slow Grind Fever. This is a collection of haunting, hungry, heartbroken humdingers full of swing, sway and sleaze, with obscure B-sides sitting next to some of these great artists’ last outings on wax. Volume 1 was compiled by R-Man from Stag-O-Lee and Chris Sick from Stay Sick!. Volume 2 will follow soon, and will be selected by Richie 1250 — the founder of the Slow Grind Fever club night (every first Saturday upstairs at Tote’s in Melbourne, Australia). Vol. 1 + 2 will be released on one CD at the same time as the vinyl version of Vol. 2 hits the streets. If symptoms continue, please seek medical advice.


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