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Gatefold sleeve with lyrics. Red promotional roundel on poly wrap for Red & White Splatter Vinyl.Picture/credits inner sleeve reads:’KEY MARKETS was recordedbetween july 2014 and march 2015 atandrew’s old flat and at the rubber biscuitstudios, nottingham”all songs: fearn/williamsonsleaford mods are published bywipe out music[ ]’Etc. (Similar to previous versions but with references to Harbinger Sound removed).A1 Live Tonight 3:11A2 No One’s Bothered 2:52A3 Bronx In A Six 3:34A4 Silly Me 3:14A5 Cunt Make It Up 2:30A6 Face To Faces 3:23B1 Arabia 3:01B2 In Quiet Streets 4:15B3 Tarantula Deadly Cargo 3:21B4 Rupert Trousers 3:13B5 Giddy On The Ciggies 4:14B6 The Blob 2:33


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