SHIRO SAGISU, Kimagurer Orange Road Sound Color, LP

This is the second edition of the “on Vinyl” series, which was held in August 2020 as “City Pop on Vinyl” and was well received as an analog event. This time, with a theme on “anime”, the theme songs, insert songs, so-called anime songs, and soundtracks of anime works will be released simultaneously on analog records. The third soundtrack LP (LB28-5067) of the TV animation series “Kimagure Orange Road” was released on February 25, 1988, and has been reissued with the same artwork and special features, but with different “Kimagure” color records for each series. Includes a B2 poster drawn by Akemi Takada. Green vinyl.

1. Dance in the Memories
2. Recollection … To you in the red straw hat
3. After Heartbreak
4. Fly Me To The Ski
5. Under the tree of memories
6. Night ; Day
7. Orange Vice
8. I want to be a night ranger
9. Madoka’s Theme ~ in Lovers Room
10. You and Romantic
11. My Little Girl
12. Next Go Come (3rd. Season)
13. Actres in the mirror
14. Love is in the eyes
15. Tell me that you love me
16. Another Yesterday
17. See you tomorrow!


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