SAGISU SHIRO, Kimagurer Orange Road Anohini Kaeritai, LP

Re-issue for the soundtrack LP of the movie ‘Kimagure Orange Road Ano Hi Ni Kaeritai ‘ released on October 5, 1988 (LB28-5084), with the same artwork and insert, but with different vinyl colors for each title! *Pink Color Vinyl*B2 poster included.
1. Ano Sora wo Dakishimete
2. Radio no you ni
3. Say Good-bye
4. Return to three
5. I don’t know why, why you don’t!?
6. Kanashii Kake
7. Itsumo ABCB de
8. Ojamamushi’s Graffiti
9. Fu-tashikana I LOVE YOU
10. Shop Of ”Dry”
11. Beat emotion
12. Teardrops
13. Call my name
14. Be your only one
15. Tori no you ni


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