Really, the Stones didn’t suck in the 70s. They started off with Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main St., ended with Some Girls and Emotional Rescue, and made some good music in between. Unfortunately, none of the early 70s songs made it onto this disc (See: Made In The Shade), and we get only three songs released as singles Fool To Cry, Beast Of Burden, and Shattered. What you do get are deep tracks like Time Waits For No One, Hot Stuff (released as a 12″), Mannish Boy (live), and Crazy Mama, which attempt to prove that, yes, they did make some good music post-Exile. Collectors may be interested in the rest. Maybe. Everything Is Turning To Gold was a b-side to Shattered. It’s a groove-funk song ala Hot Stuff, and placing them back to back here is no mistake. The live version of When The Whip Comes Down rocks like only the Stones can, and is the highlight of the non-LP cuts here. If I Was A Dancer (Dance Pt. 2) is the rest of the 12″ single version of Dance. You can criticize the Stones for going disco in the 70s, but it was good dance music and held a groove better than any disco song. Crazy Mama is one of the better rockers on Black and Blue, and deserves a closer look here. It features one of the great lost Keef riffs and chugs along nicely.


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