ROCK AND ROLL PILLS, Various, Sun Records Compilation LP

Founded in 1952 by Sam Phillips (2). During the 1950s-1960s it defined the Rockabilly genre with artists like Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and of course Elvis Presley. The first record on Sun was “Blues in My Condition” by “Little Walter” Horton and Jack Kelly. During the first year, Phillips recorded several artists who would go on to have successful careers. Among them were B.B. King, Rufus Thomas and Howlin’ Wolf. Thomas’s “Bearcat”, a recording that was similar to “Hound Dog”, was the first real hit for Sun in 1953. Little Junior’s Blue Flames hit #5 with “Feelin’ Good” later in 1953. In July 1969, Phillips sold 80 % of his interest to Shelby S Singleton Jr.

A1 Wade & Dick Wild Woman
A2 Macy Skipper Bop Pills
A3 Jimmy Williams (4) Fire Engine Red
A4 Jimmy Williams (4) Sonny Boy
A5 Macy Skipper Watch That Stuff
A6 Barbara Pittman Sentimental Fool
A7 Carl McVoy Tootsie
B1 Macy Skipper Slow Rock And Roll
B2 Jean Chapel I Won’t Be Rockin’ Tonight
B3 The Kirby Sisters Red Velvet
B4 Jean Chapel Welcome To The Club
B5 Maggie Sue Wimberly Rock’N’Roll Cinnamon Tree
B6 Maggie Sue Wimberly Call Me Anything But Call Me
B7 Barbara Pittman Voice Of A Fool


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