R.E. SERAPHIN, A Room Forever, LP

R.E. Seraphin’s “A Room Forever” digital-only EP beautifully channels 80s jangle pop by melding a post-punk and dream pop sound.

Like Seraphin’s “Tiny Shapes”, the chorus melodies are the driving force on most tracks – but Ray’s whispering vocals and the moody-but-upbeat instrumentation by R.E. & Owen Adair Kelley (O.E. Kelley) make these tracks far more deserving of your time. Plus there’s a Luna cover so you know it’s all coming from a respectable place.

Inspired by the southern gothic vignettes of Breece Pancake and the melodic guitar interplay of The La’s and Television, Seraphin recorded these songs in his home in one short spurt. Long-distance contributions from co-conspirators Owen Adair Kelley (Sleepy Sun), Matt Bullimore (The Mantles), and Yea-Ming Chen (solo), help elevate the tunes from homey demos to top notch pop.


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