RASPUTINS STASH, Rasputin’s Stash, Used LP

After the release of the Funk box set collection “What It Is” many rare Funk groups were revealed to a new generation of grooveseekers. Rasputin’s Stash was one such group. This debut record from this 8 piece outfit was recorded in Miami,Fl in 1971 for Cotillion Records a subsidiary of Atlantic Records. The 12 cuts represent a sound blended with Jazz,R&B and Funk instrumentals. “Your Love is Certified” begins as a drum introduction before the band joins in for a seasoned jam. “Take me on Back” a soulful ballad arranged with strings and horns reflect the Gospel influences of early 70’s Soul.”You Better Think” rings with sound effects and horns alongside voices before erupting into a Funky calibrated effort. The liner notes for this release are in Japanese with the exception of the song lyrics,thus not offering much information on the groups history. Rasputin’s Stash produced only one other album during there run ,their sound was likened to early Earth,Wind&Fire and Mandrill.This release captures a Funky ensemble on the move circa 1971.


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