A1 Damaged Goods
A2 Natural’s Not In It
A3 In The Ditch
A4 Where The Nightingale Sings (Redux)
A5 To Hell With Poverty
B1 Love Like Anthrax
B2 We Live As We Dream, Alone
B3 I Love A Man In Uniform
B4 Not Great Men
B5 5.45
C1 Damaged Goods
C2 Natural’s Not In It
C3 Return The Gift
C4 What We All Want
C5 Paralysed
D1 Not Great Men
D2 I Love A Man In Uniform
D3 Last Mile
D4 Forever Starts Now (Killing Joke Dub)
D5 Not Great Men (Live Version)


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A Celebration Of Andy Gill Gang Of Four