After making a worldwide splash in late 2020 with their De La Soul collab “Baby Got Work” feat Kapok, Potatohead People are back with a brand new must cop release that crosses both sides of the Atlantic as the Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff and legendary UK producer and keyboard player Kaidi Tatham team up to remix the forementioned track.

Bringing the energy up and out into a classic Hip-Hop vibe, Jeff & Kaidi infuse a head knockin’ drum break complete with classic JJ scratches, synth bass, and Rhodes chords on top of Posdnuos’s rhymes about getting your head down, putting your boots on and getting to work – helping to make the world better place for all of us. Vancouver collaborator Kapok sings aboout the shortness of our lives, and the potential in all of us to get the work done that we need to do. It’s an allusion to the desperate times we’re live in, with a hopeful call to action for all of us to roll up our sleeves and get down to the business of change.

The original “Baby Got Work” is included on the B-Side of the remix due to popular demand!


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