PIXIES Trompe Le Monde

A1 Trompe Le Monde 1:48
A2 Planet Of Sound 2:06
A3 Alec Eiffel 2:50
A4 The Sad Punk 3:00
A5 Head On 2:13
A6 U-Mass 3:01
A7 Palace Of The Brine 1:34
A8 Letter To Memphis 2:39
B1 Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons 2:48
B2 Space (I Believe In) 4:18
B3 Subbacultcha 2:09
B4 Distance Equals Rate Times Time 1:24
B5 Lovely Day 2:05
B6 Motorway To Roswell 4:43
B7 The Navajo Know 2:20


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