PIXIES, Come On Pilgrim, LP

This 20 minute EP, contains some of the most legendary songs in the Pixies catalog.

Songs like Caribou, Vamos, Holiday Song, Nimrod’s Son, Ed is Dead and Levitate Me all became Pixies concert staples and would belong on any Pixies “best of” compilation.

The amazing thing about this effort is how fully developed the Pixies sounded even at this young age. All of the classic Pixies elements are present on Come On Pilgrim. Black Francis’ demented vocals about reincarnation, incest and whatever the hell else goes through that mind of his. Kim Deal’s outstanding bass playing and angelic backing vocals. Joey Santiago’s latin tinged surf rock guitar and David Lovering’s versatile drumming.

Packed with unforgettable songs, Come On Pilgrim is simply one of the most original and creative 20 minutes of indie rock that you will ever hear.


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