OZZY OSBOURNE, Patient Number Nine, Violet LP

Ozzy hits it out of the park with Patient Number 9! For me, this album came as a welcome surprise. It seemed like 2020’s Ordinary Man was Ozzy’s farewell, with tracks like “All My Life,” “Goodbye,” and “Holy for Tonight.” Then he drops Patient Number 9 just two years later, and I’m like, WOWZA!

Guitars abound! Most tracks feature a guest guitarist to the likes of Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Mike McCready (Pearl Jam) and two tracks with Tony Iommi! The album already has that Sabbath vibe with gothic tones and Iommi’s presence only enhances that vibe. Fiery guitar solos on most every song really highlight this album’s hard edge. Ozzy brings more evil, more rock power, and an album consistency that Ordinary Man lacked. Every track here feels right at home in Ozzy’s evil fortress.

Whereas Ordinary Man was a bit choppy (especially the Post Malone tracks, which sounded out of place), Patient Number 9 evokes old Sabbath, features more harmonica by Ozzy, and tons of blistering guitar work! Its strong songwriting harkens back to Ozzy’s best solo work. Diary of a Madman comes to mind. Patient Number 9 is a complete, cohesive album where everything not only fits together well, it rocks just as hard as you’d want it to! Ozzy fans will not be disappointed in this late-career gem!


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