MR T, Mr. T’s Ten Commandments, LP USED- COVER DAMAGE

In a world lacking moral judgement, we need Mr T to make a comeback and gruffly bark out his commandments as he does on five of these seven tracks.

‘If you break the rules, God help you, fool, you got Mr. T to fear!’ – he tells us in track 1, “Mr. T’s Commandments” – proof, if ever it were needed, that Mr. T is God’s chosen enforcer.

The two tracks that break from the hip-hop/angry instruction are “Don’t Talk To Strangers”, where he gruffly pleads with kids not to open the door when their parents aren’t home, and “Mr. T, Mr. T (He Was Made For Love)”, where a choir tell us how kind Mr. T can be. He doesn’t appear on this track, presumably so as not to undermine his furious exhortations elsewhere.

All in all, this is without exaggeration the best album ever made in the history of the world, and will never be surpassed.


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