Originally released in 1981 as two 7″ Ep’s.

Includes folded black and white printed insert with photos and lyrics.

“$4.00 Postpaid From Dischord” printed on back cover.

Cat# DISCHORD ? 12 appears on the spine.
Cat# DISCHORD 12 appears on the labels.
Cat# DISCHORD No. 12 appears on back cover above price.

“Made In France” printed horizontally on back cover.

©? 1981, 1984.

The light blue color of this release matches https://www.discogs.com/Minor-Threat-Minor-Threat/release/8525725 more closely than the darker blue of https://www.discogs.com/Minor-Threat-Minor-Threat/release/385476
A1 Filler
A2 I Don’t Wanna Hear It
A3 Seeing Red
A4 Straight Edge
A5 Small Man, Big Mouth
A6 Screaming At A Wall
A7 Bottled Violence
A8 Minor Threat
B1 In My Eyes
B2 Out Of Step (With The World)
B3 Guilty Of Being White
B4 Steppin’ Stone


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