METZ Automat LP

Tracks A1 to B1: Recorded and mixed at Halla Music and Giant Studios – 2009-2010. Originally released by We Are Busy Bodies.
Track B2: Recorded 2011. Originally released by Deadstock/Castor Design.
Tracks B3 to B5: Recorded and mixed at Dream House – 2012-2013. Originally released by Sub Pop Records.
Tracks B6, B7: Recorded and mixed at Union Sound Company – 2015. Originally released by Three One G.

Tracks A1 to B7: © Metzmusic
Track C1: Publisher: WB Music Corp.
Track C2: Publisher: Happy Squid Records & Inane Artists Music
Track D1: Publisher: Gary Numan USA Universe (BMI) administered by Words & Music, a division of Big Deal Music, LLC

© ? 2019 Sub Pop Records

Black vinyl edition. Includes bonus 7″ single and digital download coupon.
Non-Loser edition.
A1 Soft Whiteout
A2 Lump Sums
A3 Dry Up
A4 Ripped On The Fence
A5 Negative Space (7 Inch Version)
B1 Automat
B2 Wet Blanket (Demo)
B3 Dirty Shirt
B4 Leave Me Out
B5 Can’t Understand
B6 Pure Auto
B7 Eraser
C1 Pig
C2 I’m A Bug
D1 M.E.


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