Simply said, Curtis Mayfield is the most underrated & underappreciated artist of the 20th century period!
He was one of the truest poets to ever pick up the pen and his songs are true reflections of the man, where he & the world were at that moment & where he hoped they both we would be in the end. He struck a cord with the youth of the day and like Maurice White, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder & Bob Dylan, spoke of the injustices and bigotry of that day in a clear and concise manner that was unavoidable while offering hope through mutual love & respect. Curtis was a unique blend of singer, songwriter, composer and producer, he was also one of the few artists of his day with his own record label. “Curtis” is his 1st solo release after having already established his Genius in The Impressions.

Classics such as “If there’s a Hell Below, We’re all Gonna Go”, “The Other Side Of Town”, “Making of You” “Miss Black America” & my personal favorite “We People Who Are Darker Than Blue” shows this was a man who “Dug Deep” within to bring forth such pure mastery of music composition. The lyrical content of these songs are truly stunning and the music compositions Mayfield wrote as the foundation to deliver his messages are absolutely gorgeous!

I highly recommend this album to anyone. It was one of those classics that would forever change the face of music and began a incredible decade for one of the most incredible artists, of any time period or genre, in the 20th century. He is truly deserving of far more respect than he’s been given.


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