MASTODON Medium Rarities

A1 Fallen Torches 4:23
A2 A Commotion 4:15
A3 Asleep In The Deep (Instrumental) 6:13
A4 Capillarian Crest (Live) 4:21
B1 A Spoonful Weighs A Ton 3:27
B2 Toes To Toes (Instrumental) 4:28
B3 Circle Of Cysquatch (Live) 3:16
B4 Atlanta 3:25
C1 Jaguar God (Instrumental) 7:55
C2 Cut You Up With A Linoleum Knife 1:50
C3 Blood And Thunder (Live) 3:53
C4 White Walker 4:20
D1 Halloween (Instrumental) 4:38
D2 Crystal Skull (Live) 3:26
D3 Orion 8:15
D4 Iron Tusk (Live) 2:49


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