LEON AND MARY RUSSELL, Wedding Album, Limited Edition LP

Mary McCreary was Leon Russell’s backup singer, and in the wake of the release of Will O’ The Wisp, the two got married and decided to release an album together.  This album kicked off his new label, Paradise Records. Russell wrote most of the album’s songs, but he and Mary penned one together – “Love’s Supposed To Be That Way” – and produced all but one song on the album. The song “Daylight” was produced by the man who wrote it, Mr. Bobby Womack. There was a fair amount of buzz around the release of The Wedding Album, thanks partly to the couple’s marriage, although it certainly didn’t hurt when they were selected as the musical guest for the May 15, 1976 episode of Saturday Night Live. In the end, the album cracked the top 40 of the Billboard 200, climbing to No. 34 and spawned a minor hit single with “Rainbow in Your Eyes.” Colored vinyl LP reissue from Friday Music.


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