Le Frisson Des Vampires soundtrack

A1 Funérailles Des Vampires A2 Le Frisson Des Vampires A3 La Chateau A4 Wedding Party (Angoisse Temporelle) A5 Ominous Tower A6 Occupied Clock A7 “Who Are You?” A8 Isolde A9 Curious Antoine A10 Sleeping Beauty (Samba Des Vampires) A11 “I Thought I Had A Hallucination” A12 Violent Library A13 Night Excursion A14 The Memory Of Eternal Darkness A15 Isolde Rising B1 “Drunk With Carnage” B2 Isabelle’s Demise B3 Doux-Reveil B4 Isa’s Ceremony B5 Love-Blood B6 Flightless Bird B7 La Cité Rouge B8 Blood-Cups B9 Isa’s Ceremony 2 / Runaway Train B10 Free From The Curse B11 The Shiver Of The Vampires B12 Envol Vers La Folie


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