LAMB OF GOD, Sacrament, 2LP

Sacrament is Lamb of God’s fourth full length studio album and perhaps their best to date. The musicianship is of the highest standard; head and shoulders above many of their peers, their influences and their own earlier albums.
The album is chocked full of career highlights from the brooding opener `Walk with Me in Hell,’ or the anthemic chant along `Blacken The Cursed Sun,’ to furiously catchy single `Redneck,’ nothing is ever short of amazing, the band have never sounded so good. The album is such a step up its really difficult to stop listening to it over and over again when you first hear it.
Everything about this album just clicks, a trend started with 2004’s Ashes of the Wake. When its fast and heavy, its fast and heavy in just the right way. When its dark and brooding, its dark and brooding in just the right way and so on.
Even the production is amazing, while the Producer named Machine may be criticized for making Ashes of the Wake a little too safe or overproduced, nothing but compliments are deserved for the dark and very heavy sound on Sacrament.
Every band member ups their game on this album, better bass, greater variety, more guitar solos and unbelievable quality drumming. Chris Adler is a fantastic drummer and brings an energy to the music that would surely be missing without him, as well as being the business brains and motivational focus of the band he is musical backbone and a huge part of what makes any song sound like Lamb of God.
I can’t recommend the Sacrament enough; There are no weak songs on this album, there are no performances that feel phoned in and there are no guitar solos that sound anything less than the best solo that could possibly work in any given song. If you have even a passing interest in Lamb of God you really need to check out this album.


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