This reissue basically gives you Judas Priest’s first two albums in one. So you get both their debut, Rocka Rolla, and their sophomore masterpiece, Sad Wings of Destiny, for the price of one.
The songs off of Rocka Rolla are classic rock jams that some see as meandering and not fully developed due to Priest not yet realizing their own unique style, but I find these songs to be beautiful early 70’s rock classics mixed with short diddy interludes . Highlights include the epic Run Of The Mill and Never Satisfied along with the bluesy rocker, Cheater. You also get their sublime cover of Joan Baez’ Diamonds and Rust.
What more can I say about the songs from 1976’s Sad Wings…? It is a monolithic classic of the genre, a you should own it, if you don’t already.


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