IMMORTAL BIRD, Thrive On Neglect, LP

Bands mixing sub-genres in underground metal often do so with mixed and inconsistent results. Not so with Chicago’s Immortal Bird who wield their eclectic savagery with meticulous cohesion and sharpened ferocity. Returning with Thrive On Neglect, the band’s second album, and first for 20 Buck Spin, the band takes the perilous road of musical diversity and command it with a bloodthirsty rage. With a multi-layered sound running the gamut from pummeling grind and death metal to dissonant blackened metal, angular noise and complex hardcore, Immortal Bird defy simple categorization. The band’s compositions fuse into strikingly savage songs, vast in their scope and more than the sum of their disparate parts, merging the progressive and destructive into a maelstrom of raging fire. Rae Amitay’s seething vocal exorcisms and targeted lyrical aggression provide the connective tissue holding this stylized violence together. Aided and abetted by the incomparable Dave Otero (Archspire, Cobalt, Khemmis) Thrive On Neglect features a punishingly heavy production ideally suited for the band’s tumultuous arrangements and orchestrated chaos. Nearly four years in the making, this album is a blistering statement of intent from a band ascending into full bloom.


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