Probably one of the best Moog powered albums of all time! It is also one of Hugo Montenegro’s finest efforts. Of course 10 of the 11 included tracks are cover versions, ALL are definitive versions and most are better than the originals. The idea behind the album is to show the capabilities of the Moog synthesizer used as a musical instrument and not just a tool to make weird sound effects. Though mostly overlooked for decades, starting from it’s initial release, it is a must-own album. Available in most current formats when originally released , the one most overlooked is the quadraphonic version, only offered on recording tape. Even in it’s wide stereo format, it is an excellent listen. The first CD release of this album was on the RCA/BMG “Living Stereo” series released in 1998 by BMG of Spain, #74321637052. Now if someone would just release it on a DTS 4.0 quadraphonic CD or DVD, it would be an instant best seller!


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