HOA QUEEN, Hoa Queen, LP

Hoa Queen is a flower that comes from elsewhere. Its whiteness explodes in the heart of the night to disappear at first light. Dazzling, ephemeral, it offers its beauty that we immediately lose it. Its petals will never taste dew. Hoa Queen is a woman, or all, or several. The one who screams her pain, the one who spits her anger, the one who dreams with her eyes open. An army of wounded souls, broken bodies advancing gracefully through the scarlet night. A procession of damaged silhouettes finding the strength to vibrate and dance with the intensity of despair. Marjorie, who awaits death in a corridor, Lucia, who sells her body on the sidewalks, Aileen, who watches her prey to lure them into the undergrowth Lizzie, Willow, Betty… Hoa Queen tells their stories, writes them on skins and strings. 5 musicians who have already played here and there, together and separately. 5 musicians carried away by the breath of these broken women, all in tune with emotion, balanced on a sensitive chord to deliver music that comes from afar, that smells of cotton, mud, sun and night, tears and the blood.


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