BETTY HARRIS, The Lost Queen Of New Orleans Soul, LP

Not only is Betty Harris “The Lost Queen of New Orleans Soul” (although she grew up in Florida!), but these tracks could all be called “Lost Soul Gems”, seeing as how most people on earth have never heard them before. Many of these songs were actually released as singles back in the 1960s, but as the liner notes tell us, Betty Harris never even released a full album during that time!

If you are an Allen Toussaint fan, this excellent collection should be a must have; Toussaint wrote and produced all of the tracks on here. In the very tiny writing credits listed, you will notice that some songs are credited to Naomi Neville, but that was just another name that Toussaint used for his songwriting during that time (in fact, that was his mother’s name). But the main reason to have this is simply because it’s so darn great. Betty Harris had a fine voice, combined with a sassy, spunky delivery. Imagine a young Tina Turner crossed with Irma Thomas. Honesty, she’s that good. Plus, members of the Meters serve as the backing band on these tracks. Say no more, right? This is one you need to hear!

These tracks were recorded from 1965 to 1969. During that time Betty Harris went on tour with Otis Redding and Joe Simon (and also Bettye Swann and Carla Thomas), the ill-fated tour that was cut short after the Redding plane crash. You will see photos of Betty Harris with luminaries such as Sam Cooke, Tammi Terrell, “Little” Stevie Wonder, and even Muhammad Ali! Despite these famous friends, and Toussaint’s magic touch, she never scored any big hits and retired from the music business in 1970, wanting to raise a family and study business. Fortunately, Betty Harris is still with us. In fact, she decided to return to the music business in 2005 and is still performing today. Can it be too much to ask for to hope that she’ll record again? Anything remotely as good as these 1960s soul gems will be a welcome musical gift.


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