GRAVE LINES, Communion, Black/White Smoke Vinyl LP

Very limited vinyl pressing, 500 copies in a full colour single outer sleeve and full colour printed lyric inner sleeve, black and white smoke effect vinyl. Two albums in and London’s Grave Lines, purveyors of ‘heavy gloom’ have already carved a unique niche in the myriad spheres of heavy music. Never a band to rely solely on trotting out ‘doom metal’ tropes, the band weave in gothic and experimental elements into their music, to delve deeper into the dark shadows of the psyche. Third album ‘Communion’ is a violent descent into bile-soaked intensity spiralling between filth laden swagger, and fragile mournful lament. Owing as much to Bauhaus and Killing Joke as it does to Black Sabbath or Neurosis, there are moments of gut wrenching doomed up heaviness and bellowing noise rock, contrasting with ambient gothic passages and a thoughtful melancholy, to a create a powerful new chapter in their ceaseless journey through the gloom Side A 1. Gordian 2. Argyraphaga 3. Lycaenid Side B 1. Tachinid 2. Carcini 3. Broodsac 4. Sinensis


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