DANNY ELFMAN, Spider Man Original Soundtrack, LP

This is a great score. It’s right up there with Elfman’s best, with rich thematic textures evident from the first track right up to the operatic reprise in “Farewell”. The Main Title track runs chills up your spine; the “Costume Montage” recalls the great scene where Peter, with dreams of winning $3,000 and getting a car to impress his beloved MJ, designs the outfit that will eventually become his work uniform; “Transformations” takes us through both Peter Parker and Norman Osborn’s metamorphoses in grand orchestral fashion; “Revenge” will take your memories back to the heartbreaking scene where Peter loses his beloved Uncle Ben and races after the killer with a newfound passion and urgency to his life reflected in the music’s urgent notes. Get it and listen to it over and over again.


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