D VINE SPIRITUALS, Sacred Soul Volume One, LP

In 1970, while the United States was recovering from the tumultuous unrest of the sixties and Southern segregationist George Wallace was between bids for the presidency, a young black preacher and an aging hillbilly bandleader struck up a friendship in a coffee shop in downtown Memphis. For the next decade and a half, record producer Juan D. Shipp and studio engineer Clyde Leoppard embarked on a musical journey that produced some of the most stirring sacred soul music ever laid to tape. Behold the story of Shipp’s D-Vine Spirituals record label, told here for the very first time since it’s 45 RPM glory days, and see if you don’t agree with the original company motto: “D-Vine Is Gospel.”
Volume 1 Tracklist
I Heard the Voice – Elizabeth King & The Gospel Souls
I’m a Soldier in God’s Army – The Southern Sons
One River to Cross – The Seven Brothers
I’m Going Home – The Gospelaires
Take Me by the Hand – The Heavenly Stars
Look at Your Life – Evelyn Taylor
You Got to Live the Life – The Supreme Travelers
God’s Going to Blow out the Sun – Elder Ward & The Gospel Four
Memories – The Spiritual Stars of Kansas City, Missouri
I Feel Like Flying Away – The Joy of Memphis
The Reason I Love Him – The Kingdom Airs
Where You Gonna Run? – The D-Vine Spiritualettes
The Devil Don’t Like It – The Gospel Four
When I Looked – The Traveling Stars


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