Drive-By Truckers RSD BLACK FRI

Black Friday record store day special release of colored 3xLP only released at Plan 9 Music and Deep Groove Records in Richmond, VA. Jacket colors vary, and this colored version is not limited to the Red/Blue combo shown here. Blue and Orange color inspired by World of Mirth in Richmond, VA.A1 Tales Facing Up A2 One Of These Days A3 Easy On Yourself A4 Feb. 14 A5 Aftermath USA B1 Gravity’s Gone B2 Sink Hole B3 Outfit B4 My Sweet Annette B5 Marry Me C1 A World Of Hurt C2 Why Henry Drinks C3 The Day John Henry Died C4 Wednesday D1 Shut Up And Get On The Plane D2 Ronnie And Neil D3 Moonlight Mile D4 Let There Be Rock E1 Zip City E2 Goddamn Lonely Love E3 18 Wheels Of Love F1 Nine Bullets F2 Daddy’s Cup F3 Decoration Day F4 Lookout Mountain


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Plan 9 Records July 13, 2006